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Robbie Mack aka Rob McLerran

When asked why he calls himself Robbie Mack, Robbie explains, ”Nobody can spell McLerran”.

For those of you familiar with Robbie you probably remember him as Piedmont bluesman Little Joe McLerran’s side kick, but over his 50 yr. career Robbie has played about every style of music.

His first “big break” came in the early 60’s when he joined California cowboy singer Jimmy Wakely’s band. Shortly after that he joined the Astronauts, Colorado’s first and only successful surf band. Later on that decade he founded the psychedelic band Hardwater landing a record deal at Capitol Records. In the 70’s he teamed up with Okie John Herron forming the band Boonedoggle and Balderdash releasing a couple LPs with MCA playing what’s been termed “swamp music” by those internet music historians. Robbie has played in country bands, rock bands, swing bands, blues bands, jazz bands, jug bands, bluegrass bands, doo wop bands, surf bands and marching bands but he has hardly ever played solo. “I just love being part of a band and Little Joe’s band has been the best.

” So Robbie, why now a “Folk” album? “This album is from a recording I made a few years before Little Joe was born. I uncovered the tape recently and it sort of surprised me. I decided to release it while we prepare for Little Joe’s next release. Keep your ears peeled for that one.

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